Single Cup Recycling

562,700 lbs

February 23,2017
Styrofoam Recycling

30 m3

February 23,2017
Plastic Recycling


February 23,2017
Machine Recycling

3,388 kg

February 23,2017

Planet Coffee believes that we all have a responsibility to reduce, recycle, re-use and recover the waste that we generate. We want to lead our industry to be better!

Single Cup Coffee (Keurig, Flavia, Tassimo) is the fastest growing segment in the Office Coffee Service (OCS) industry over the last 20 years. Through its evolution, customers have enjoyed the ease of use, selections and quality of the product these systems offer. Our customers had big concerns about the waste these systems were creating. As a result Planet Coffee Calgary designed (and continues to refine) a recycling program that meets and exceeds the expectations of our customers.

Planet Coffee designed a recycling program which supplys all Single Cup Customers with recycling bins to collect used single cup packaging at no extra charge. We’ve had amazing results; Planet Coffee and its customers have diverted single cup coffee waste going to the landfill by over 323,500 pounds since 2007, with almost 100% participation from our single cup customers in the Calgary area. We have expanded this program to our affiliates in Edmonton and Red Deer. Planet Coffee has joined forces with a local EMERALD AWARD WINNING Company that uses the waste we collect and convert it into thermal energy (WTE) for their facilities energy requirements. This is forcing change within the OCS industry.

At Planet Coffee, we see ourselves as partners with our clients in being good stewards for our environment. We are thankful for all who participate and are encouraged by their support.

Check it out! More information on Planet Coffee’s Recycling Program! Click Here!


We are excited to announce that we will now be recycling retail coffee machines that have seen their last days.  This addition will make our mission to be zero waste, comprehensive, covering the whole spectrum of coffee waste.

Retail machines are not designed to last, with millions of these machines sold every year; this creates a large amount of waste. This is an opportunity to divert more recyclables from the landfill.

For added Value, when you bring us your old machine, we will offer you $10 off your purchase of a new, commercial grade, Keurig coffee machine from Planet Coffee!



Recycling isn’t a chore, it’s a Habit,

Making it a habit makes it Easy,

Making it easy makes it happen!

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