Having Coffee Fatigue? Why Does It Matter?

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Coffee serves as the daily wake-up call for many of us and also carries us through a midday slump. No wonder coffee is is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. What does it mean for office coffee?

When it comes to those who work in the office, many depend on the pick-me-up from the office coffee machines in the morning or when the afternoon low kicks in. This is why the coffee machine is important for the work environment. It increases productivity, makes the employees happier, and relieve work place stress. It improves one’s mood, makes one more alert and enhances short term memory. These are all positive attributes for the work place. But in today’s work place, it is not only important to have coffee but to have a variety of coffee because of coffee fatigue. What is coffee fatigue?

Coffee fatigue is a symptom where you get tired and weary of the same old coffee you have been drinking for a long time. And this happens a lot. Anecdotal studies and surveys reveal that people get tired of drinking the same roast or flavored coffee. It’s also knowns as “palate fatigue”. Well, don’t we appreciate the urge to seek out different taste is natural to us so we can enjoy a wide variety of food and drinks!?

Planet Coffee would be delighted to help you try different machines and coffees for the benefit of your employees. We can provide a few samples for you to try. Call us or fill out the contact form, and one of our reps would be happy to come and take a look at what you have. And please rest assured that there is NO COMMITMENT necessary.

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