Game Changing Coffee Machine – Eccellenza Touch

Eccellenza Touch

There have been a few exceptional coffee brewing machines considered to be game changers. For example, Keurig has changed the way coffee is consumed forever. Nespresso is another example.

There is another revolutionary machine that is disrupting the office coffee scene – Eccellenza Touch. This bean-to-cup machine brews exceptionally high-quality coffee as well as today’s most popular hot specialty drinks at the touch of a screen.

Eccellenza Touch brewing machineThe Eccellenza Touch boasts a high-definition user-friendly 10.1″ touchscreen, simplifying the beverage selection process and offering the freshest cup of coffee possible in seconds. This new brewing system alleviates mess and clean-up, while ensuring the convenience, consistent taste and quality that would satisfy even the most discerning coffee connoisseurs. The machine does excellent in the ergonomy & compactness department. Its accessible dispensers for refilling are less than 30 inches high. The waste bin is easily accessible. It measures 28″ H. x 20″ W. x 20.25″ D., weighs 79.2 lbs., and requires 120-V. AC 60-Hz power. It can be plumbed with 3/4″ standard hose connection or operated with a pump and bottled water.

Some Features of the Eccellenza Touch:

  • Revolutionary new brewer!
  • User-friendly LCD touchscreen
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Energy-Savings Options
  • Simple Setup and Configuration
  • Intelligent On-Board System Diagnostics
  • Integrated Dashboard for consumption data, beverage counters, sales data, etc.

And you’ll get a good variety of coffee and hot beverages to satisfy the needs and wants of your employees:

Eccellenza Touch drink selection

The Eccellenza Touch is environmentally Friendly too.

  • Waste-Free! No paper filter is required and coffee is compostable
  • Energy-Saving Mode is on during preset periods of time

If you would like to get more information on this revolutionary coffee machine, please contact us and we would be happy to assist you further.

How to Use Video

Technical specifications

Eccellenza Touch tech specs


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