How to Fight Coffee Fatigue at Office

coffee fatigue

We discussed the issue of coffee fatigue in a previous post, and we want to follow up with practical solutions to fight the symptom in our working environments.

What Is Coffee Fatigue?

First of all, let’s define coffee fatigue. Coffee fatigue is a symptom where you get tired of the same old coffee you have been drinking for a long time. It doesn’t have to be bad coffee. It’s not about how good your coffee is, but how long you drink the same coffee. Therefore, consumption of a few different coffee beans and flavors is a great cure for coffee fatigue.

New Cure for Coffee Fatigue

There are a few options to combat the symptom. Single cup systems like Keurig and Nespresso are a great way to enjoy a wide variety of coffee strengths, flavors and even tea. But have you considered another practical way – and it might be a superior way – as a palate fatigue buster?

Bean to cup systems allow you to enjoy a variety of coffee beans at work. These coffee machines actually produce coffee that is convenient, flavorful and have the lowest cost per serving of any of the other single serving systems available on the market. VKI Eccellenza Touch Brewer is an excellent choice for many offices because (1) this revolutionary machine is capable of brewing coffee and hot beverages in different sizes, flavors, and brewing strengths. Another reason is (2) it keeps your employees in the office as there is no need for them to go outside to grab a grande Latte at the nearest coffee shop.

We have the Eccellenza Tough Brewer in our office, so if you would like to have a sample or see how this awesome bean to cup system can enhance your office environment and help everyone there to fight coffee fatigue.

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