How Can You Find the World’s Best Coffee?

world's best coffee

Where and how can you find the world’s best coffee? You can actually get ‘the perfect cup’ right at your home or office! Here is a recipe for the perfect cup. Make sure you meet all the criteria in order to attain the best coffee.

Step 1: Your coffee roaster/retailer must have the very best quality green coffee beans available. Coffee is as good as its source. Therefore, it is essential that you find a coffee roasting company that imports from an excellent green coffee farm. You also need to know which type of coffee beans you prefer – Arabica or Robusta. The difference between the two specifies was discussed in this blog.

Step 2: You must purchase fresh roasted AND whole bean from a reputable local roasting company. You need to make sure your coffee is not stale. The vast majority of coffee that can be purchased in grocery stores, convenience stores, and in many specialty stores is stale because roasted coffee is perishable. In whole bean, as an example, the quality diminishes after 10-15 days.

Step 3: You must find out what your favorite coffees are. What is your favorite coffee in terms of origin, altitude, type, roast? Planet Coffee can help you in this regard.

storing coffee calgaryStep 4: It must be properly stored. Store your wonderful fresh, whole bean, world’s best coffee, in an airtight canister (preferably ceramic) or even better, one of those really cool vacuum canisters. Stick it in a cool place, (Oh God, please not the fridge!) out of direct sunshine, and preferably right next to your handy-dandy world’s best coffee grinder. If you buy in quantity, I would suggest placing your extra poundage in Ziploc bags for a sound vapor barrier and throw them in the freezer. Just remember to let each pound of coffee come to room temperature before grinding. Frozen coffee breaks up into awful chunks of varied size in the grinder. It won’t brew as well and will result in weak coffee or worse.

Step 5: It must be properly ground. It depends on what you are drinking, but if it’s a pour-over coffee then we suggest you get a good burr grinder that allows for an accurate and consistent grind adjustment. If you like French press, medium or dark-roasted coffee beans ground in a coarse setting usually work best.

Step 6: It must be properly brewed. You are very likely to experience the perfect cup when you use bottled or filtered water because coffee is 98% water. It’s also beneficial to consider brewing time, temperature and the right dose of coffee beans.

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