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In this blog we will discuss two new products by Keurig Revv Coffee. We will explain what Revv is, what their products are, and what’s unique about them.

What Is the Keurig Revv Coffee?

Keurig Revv CoffeeIn a nutshell, Revv Coffee is a rich and balanced, dark-roasted coffee blends that are strong for office warriors who need a bold cup of Joe in the morning. They have a higher caffein content than normal coffee. They source premium-grade, very dark roasted coffee beans for this lineup. Being a part of the Keurig Green Mountain family of brands, Revv Coffee has the high-octane attitude that puts you in life’s driver’s seat and supercharge for the work ahead without extra sugar or calories. Your employees will get really charged up about these new strong blends!

Here is what Scott Moffitt, Chief Brand * Beverage Officer at Keurig stated: “REVV® coffee is for all the early risers, all-nighters, daily grinders, and everyone who lives for strong coffee. We select only the best coffee, roast it dark, and fill every K-Cup® pod with delicious, high octane coffee that helps you grab life by the mug.”


Available Coffee Products

    YOU ARE CLEARED FOR TAKEOFF. A rich, smoky, dark-roasted dose of jet propulsion for that boldness you need to go from super to supersonic. Throttle up before you find yourself face down.
    ALL SYSTEMS GO. An extra bold, robust dark roast of electrifying intensity. Shockingly strong. Surprisingly complex. Like a thermonuclear power plant in pod form. Ever wonder what a thunderbolt tastes like? Now you know.

Try the REVV® K-Cup® pod varieties at Planet Coffee, or check out our Revv Coffee selection.

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