Planet Coffee Program vs Traditional Office Coffee

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Planet Coffee is the leader in providing office coffee delivery services to our retail and commercial clients. Using our business coffee service will give you the time to focus on more important business matters, instead of worrying about keeping the office caffeinated. We strive to be reliable, prompt, and fresh. We are confident that our coffee services will help keep your team happy and more productive!

Here are the benefits of choosing Planet Coffee as your office supplier of coffee.


Planet Coffee Benefits

✅ No contracts, no hassle!

✅ Choose from hundreds of top name brands

✅ We maintain our coffee equipment

✅ Committed to the environmental stewardship

✅ Award-winning Recycling Program

✅ Next-day delivery

✅ Locally owned

Locally roasted

Other Office Coffee Services

❌ Equipment is loaned

❌ Coffee selection is limited

❌ You wait longer for delivery

❌ And you pay a delivery fee

❌ Locked into a contract

❌ Pricing is set with no discounts

❌ Often commissioned sales representative

If you have any further questions, please contact us!

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