Where is the Milkman?

Milkman Office Coffee Solutions

milkman office coffeeWho remembers the time when the milkman delivered fresh, local milk in glass bottles or cartons? We don’t live in that era anymore, but many people fondly remember when the milkman came to their door in the wee morning hours. Well, did you know we have modern-day ‘milkman’ in the business coffee scene? We as Planet Coffee Calgary fill in the role! Office coffee solutions providers have been making deliveries to corporate offices and facilities for decades. This has helped enhanced their break room experience during work hours.

Planet Coffee – The Modern-day ‘Milkman’

We deliver hundreds of crates of milk every week, along with a wide assortment of coffee and tea, cream, sweeteners, snacks and pop drinks as part of our full-service office coffee solutions. We even put the milk in the fridge, something that even the milkman didn’t do! And we do so without asking for contracts. Yes, no contracts required when you use Planet Coffee for your office coffee needs.

We strive to make it easier for whoever is in charge of the office and break room services (whether it be office manager, HR, facilities manager, or even owner…) so that everyone can focus on the most important task at hand… your business.


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