Office Coffee Machines – Problems & Solutions

Coffee makes happy employees

Having the right office coffee machines provides a number of proven benefits for companies willing to invest in their break room. Right from Monday, you have happy and content employees who are very likely to stay in the office because there are many options when it comes to office coffee and refreshments.

However, there are so many unhappy, disgruntled employees on any given work day. Why?

Let’s consider 3 big reasons.

1. Bad Coffee

It is definitely a drag factor to your office workplace. Having coffee machines that churn out sub-par coffee is very demoralizing. It may be that the machines are not maintained on a regular basis. It might also be the quality of your coffee beans. Planet Coffee guarantees fresh and high-quality beans, but make sure you avoid having coffee fatigue which could happen to anyone, by changing the order from time to time.

2. Broken Machines

There is nothing worse than racing into the break room only to find that the office coffee machines are out of commission for one reason or another. That can really drag a Monday down. But our customers won’t have to experience this because Planet Coffee offers an office coffee service that has dedicated maintenance and repair staff, as well as the ability to troubleshoot problems for you on demand.

3. Limited Options

The challenge is to carry machines capable of serving up enough coffee to meet the demands of your workplace, and at the same time honor the diverse tastes of your employees. There are coffee machines that create not just coffee and tea but also exceptional milk-based coffee recipes and seasonal drink options. We will help you keep your break room satisfying and inspiring for all. For instance, consider trying game-changing machines like Gemini CS 211 Pro or Eccellenza Touch. This will undoubtedly keep your team motivated and send productivity through the roof!

How Planet Coffee Can Help

You can keep your collective happy and satisfied by reaching out to the seasoned coffee experts at Planet Coffee. Our professional team is ready to help you understand the needs of your teams and find the best equipment to meet the demand for high-quality office coffee in your workplace.

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