ION Water Cooler Wins Design Appliance Award

ION bottleless water cooler award

We are happy to share some exciting news! One of our filtered drinking water solutions, the ION Bottleless Water Cooler 400 by Natural Choice Corporation, has been named an award winner in the 2018 Excellence in Design Contest, sponsored by Appliance Design Magazine.

The ION TS Series won the Silver Award in the Small Appliance category.

Released in 2018, the ION TS Series has revolutionized how offices and homes enjoy filtered water, by offering crisp cold, piping hot, still ambient, and bubbly Sparkling all in one easy to maintain appliance.  The ION is environmentally friendly by eliminating plastic bottles and delivery of 5-gallon bottles of water to business and homes.

We at Planet Coffee love this product because unlike other water coolers, the ION is reservoir-free. Its uniquely engineered design freshly filters every glass instantly on demand. So when you are at work, your water is always the freshest and at its best! In addition, this ION water cooler is easy to maintain and environmentally friendly. The machine is designed to fit on most countertops so this would make an excellent water cooler where space is limited. If you have any questions on the features, specs or maintenance, please feel free to contact us!

Check out the product video:

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