Effects of tariffs on coffee?

effects of tariffs on coffee

Some call it “the Great North American Trade War”.

For the first time in a generation, many goods and services that were accustomed to moving freely between Canada and the United States are being constricted by what may view as protectionism. The U.S. has imposed tariffs on Canada, and Canada has responded in kind. As a result, many consumer goods which include coffee have been affected. This has led many of our customers to ask: “Are there any effects of tariffs on coffee?

Effects of tariffs on coffeePlease rest assured that we have been endeavoring to work out a solution here in Canada. First of all, the impact is very minimal since we are local and buy local. However, there are products that we import directly from the US. And we have had some suppliers south of the border indicating there would be a potential increase in coffee purchase price. So this could effect the tariffs on some coffee products, but once again, we are working very hard to minimize the impact of the tariffs. Please be reminded that any adjustment in product prices is not due to price gouging! We put our customers first. That has always been our business motto and will remain to be so.

Thank you for understanding.

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