What You Can Expect as Customers

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So you contacted us, tried our free trial including samples and demo machines, and decided to give us a go. Now what can you expect as our customer?

Once you get started with us and picked up a certain system, there will always be new products that come with it. We are all about exploring other products. Whenever we get new products we have a sampling program for customers to try. It’s all about sampling, keeping it fresh and exciting in the office.

We fully recognize that there is coffee fatigue out there, so we are always trying different things to try to avoid the fatigue. You see, if we are not doing that, then that means we are not providing our service to you. In other words, if you don’t like coffee, you don’t like Planet Coffee. We want to be out there promoting new products and systems we have. Our customers are not roped into one single system. There are always options and at the end of the day we want the best fit for your office.

Our options are endless. Our job is to tailor the program to fit your needs and tell you about products you haven’t discovered yet so you can make informed decisions.

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