Single Serve Coffee Makers

K-cups versus Drip Coffee for time, waste, hassle, variety and cost

Single Serve Coffee Makers

So you have made the leap from drinking the stale office coffee, to the taste trending single serve coffee makers. Now that you have taken this leap, then comes the daunting question what machine to choose. In this blog we are going to focus on why Keurig should grab your attention.

What makes Keurig the leading single serve coffee maker in our modern world?

Keurig Benefits

  • Easy set up – with 5-10 minutes of plug in,  your machine will have itself calibrated and ready to work.
  • User friendly – Forget the hassle. Simply pop in a k-cup and click a button or tap on the LCD screen.
  • On the Go – on your way home, but need a pick me up for your afternoon commute? Keurig has you covered with a removable drip tray for your to go mug.
  • Flexibility – Besides the 180 varieties to choose from sometimes nothing can beat fresh ground coffee. Well not to worry with the removable filters, you can still enjoy your own brew of coffee or teas, while still enjoying the perks of single cup solutions.
  • Energy Efficient – be apart of the force for good, with the automatic on/off function.
  • No Waste – no more throwing out half a pot of coffee, with Keurig, pre-measured coffee means no waste. With newer machines pods will be biodegradable.
  • Storage – Freezing your beans still? With k-cups storing you coffee is as simple as choosing a convenient drawer or carousel.

Why wait, why not start enjoying the best single serve coffee makers today!

Here at Planet Roasters we have wide variety of Keurig machines at competitive rates, that will suit your needs whether that is at the office or in your hotel. No need to worry about recycling we have you covered with our recycling program at no extra charge. You can have peace of mind knowing that your used k-cups are being dealt with properly.

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