From Bean to Cup

Bean to cup

The Coffee Journey

Does your morning routine consist of coffee? If so it can become somewhat of a habitual process. Why not spice up your morning brew by contemplating the extensive journey coffee has made to get to your cup. After all doesn’t food taste that much better when you know where it has come from? Let us take you on a little bean to cup tour.

Extensive Process

  1. The Cherries (the berry in which the coffee bean is grown) are delicately harvested from the trees and placed in water channels. At this point the quality red cherries sink to the bottom while the floating berries are separated and used for lower quality blends.
  2. Next the Cherries which contain two coffee beans are de-husked and the beans begin a long bask in the sun which can last several days.
  3. Once drying stage is complete, the beans are packaged in burlap sacks and shipped to a company that roasts the beans.
  4. Upon arrival at the roasting facility the burlap bags are then cut open and put in the roasting drums. Here is where all the magic happens. During this process the beans are heated from upwards of 420f and tossed by many paddles. This step is very similar to that of a cloths dryer at home. The beans change from green to blonde and then caramel brown to finally dark shiny brown.
  5. After being cooled and tossed, the beans are now ready to be sent to packaging and then shipped to various grocery stores or office coffee providers such as Planet Coffee.
  6. Grinding the beans. Depending on your brewing method you can get coarse, medium coarse, medium, fine, or extra fine grind.
  7. Brewing the coffee. Another stage of the coffee journey that can take many forms. These include french press, pour over, machine drip, espresso or Turkish coffee pot.

Coffee Made Easy

At this point you have a choice to make. Buy the whole beans, grind them yourself and use your own preferred brewing method, or purchase a bean to cup machine.

It can be a challenge to achieve a good consistent coffee every morning, not to mention on a short work break. Here is one option for you.

The single cup coffee machines that we provide take those precious beans and do the grinding, brewing and even mixing sugar or frothy milk to your satisfaction. What do you end up with? Just the right coffee every time, and you didn’t even need to leave the office.


Now your coffee that cost you roughly only $1.00 tastes that much better. Getting your coffee from bean to cup is a very extensive process. Taste the journey tomorrow morning fellow caffeiners.

Are you looking for quality, locally roasted coffee at a great price? Or would you like to brew the perfect cup every day? If this is you, visit your local Planet Coffee. We have game changing machines that can get you from bean to cup every day.

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