Why Should You Support Local?

Why Buy Local?

If you are a local Calgarian you will likely agree that our city offers up tons of local product and talent. In specific, local food is a 1 billion dollar market that is growing rapidly according to Alberta’s local food counsel. Trending micro breweries, locally roasted coffee shops, organic farms and the like are proving to be the backbone of our community. However, it may seem like the smart economic answer would be to buy from the big names. It can be cheaper and you might get more.

Before you decide however, let us share 3 reasons why you should first look locally:

1) When you buy local, it stays local

When you support local business it aids your local economy. Like an investment, when you put your money into the community you get it back in various ways. Instead of sending your hard earned dollars somewhere across the globe, you can see where you money goes. Purchasing locally produced goods and services also gives you satisfaction because you help to keep local producers in business.

2) Local is ‘Fresh’

This is especially true in the food and beverage industry. National companies generally mass produce and ship their products long distance, which diminishes flavour and quality. Food grown locally on the other hand ripens longer which adds to the taste and quality. It goes without saying fresher food tastes better. I mean case in point, beer on tap versus canned. This may mean that not all foods are available year round, especially for us eskimos up here in Canada. Supporting local may require canning or freezing food, a minor sacrifice for quality products.

3) Purchasing local creates community connection

Living in a world that is increasingly going online, the need for human connection is essential. Although buying locally can be accomplished online, it does provide more chance to get to know your local business owners and neighbours. Purchasing a product from a someone you have developed a friendship with makes it better. You almost feel better about who your money is supporting.

Where can you find Local?

These are 3 reasons why when you support local you benefit for yourself and our community. Where can you go to find local? Farmers markets are a great place to find great local foods and products. These are also a great place to meet some of your fellow business owners and get to know the great people on our community. Local grocery stores including co ops, Safeway’s and Sobey’s may also stock local product. If they don’t stock a product, asked for it, you never know you could be the voice of change.

Your Local Planet Coffee Roasters

Planet Coffee is a locally owned and operated company. Troy and Gavin the owners, are local Calgarians that love this city as much as you and I. They enjoy the opportunity to meet new customers and provide them with the best coffee experience at the office or at home. We believe in community and that is why we locally roast ethically sourced beans right here in Calgary. In every bag great care goes into each of our roasts contributing to consist taste in every cup. The goal is to provide Calgary with the best cup of coffee.

Find Us Locally

Now you can support your local Planet Coffee at 5 locations near you.

Buy Local YYCPlanet Coffee In SafewaySafeway



  • (Langdon) – #101- 97th Centre St. SW, Langdon, AB

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