Flavia Earl Grey Tea (20 packs)


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Bright tea flavor with medium body, fresh bergamot flavor; citrus, floral and slightly smokey!

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We started with the high quality blend of black teas that act as the base for our English Breakfast. Then we added teas hailing from two different regions of Sri Lanka to deliver a medium body and a complex flavor. Finally, we infused this tea with the oil of bergamot,a small, fragrant citrus fruit hailing from sunny southern Italy that gives this tea its distinctive and well-loved citrus/floral flavor.

More than 30% of the tea in our Earl Grey originates from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms.

Here are some great drink ideas that you can make with THE BRIGHT TEA CO. Earl Grey tea:

  • Breakfast Earl (Mix Earl Grey and English Breakfast – add ice for a refreshing cool drink)
  • Mint of Earl (Mix Earl Grey and Peppermint Herbal – add ice for a refreshing cool drink)


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