Barista Prima French Roast K-Cups (24/box)


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A sweet, smoky love song to the cafés of Paris!

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This intensely bold yet gracefully-bodied cup provides indisputable proof of our roast masters’ artistry. The absolute finest arabica beans are heated to the very edge of noir – then meticulously eased back to reveal their rich, full-flavoured complexity. The result? A daringly dark, smoky-sweet brew with a surprisingly light mouthfeel.


Our French Roast was inspired by the artistry of Paris, found in the melodies of its street musicians, the details of its architecture and the exquisite taste of its gourmet foods.

Paris shows a deep love for an art well done, which is reflected in the many cafés that have become small epicenters for cultural celebrations. Our French Roast coffee was inspired by this love and by the handcrafted skill that built every cobblestone step of the city. It’s this craftsmanship that gives the French Roast its richness, creating a full-bodied flavour coffee-lovers can escape with.


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