Barista Prima Columbia K-Cups (24/box)


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High-altitude treasure from a land of legendary coffee!

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A prized coffee, born of the mountains in a land steeped in the coffee-growing tradition. Accented by bright, bold fruit notes and a distinctive hint of walnut, this deep-roasted cup possesses a sweet, full-bodied finish that elevates satisfaction into a realm all its own.


The awe-inspiring greatness of the Andes creates an uplifting human experience unlike any other. Combined with the timelessness of Colombian coffee traditions, this exhilarating landscape provides the inspiration for our Colombia blend.

The tireless effort that goes into every traditional Colombian coffee bean inspired the creation of this roast, producing a coffee experience that lifts the spirit and stimulates the senses. Every carefully crafted cup represents hundreds of years of coffee experience, masterfully roasted and elevated to perfection.

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