Barista Prima Italian Roast K-Cups (24/box)


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A deep, dark-roasted delight, done right!

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This rich, heavy-bodied cup with its ripe fruit and berry notes epitomizes the time-honoured Italian tradition of dark-roasted coffee house brews. Bold yet ideally balanced, with a subtle hint of smokiness and a bright, clean finish, our Italian Roast is a hearty and flavourful testament to the art of dark roasting.


From the ancient ruins of Rome to the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, Italy provides ample inspiration for talented baristas, who seek to capture the essence of the peninsula in their artistry.

Their talents uphold the rich tradition of gourmet coffee that is found in this beautiful country, which finds the perfect balance between land and sea, excitement and relaxation. It is this balance that the Italian Roast embodies, with its distinct flavour that is at once bold and subtle, intense and subdued.


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