Nespresso Brazil 50/box

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A pure Arabica coffee, Espresso Origin Brazil is a delicate blend with a smooth texture and an elegantly mild and sweet flavor enhanced by a note of lightly toasted grain.

Origin: This Nespresso Grand Cru is a pure Arabica from Brazil, made of two specialty varieties: on the one hand, the subtly sweet Red and Yellow Bourbon Arabica, grown in hill-top plantations, harvested by hand and sun-dried with the mucilage still intact, which infuses the coffee beans with a mellow flavour; on the other hand, the unwashed Cerrado Arabica, which adds distinctive cereal and toasted notes.

Roasting: While the Cerrado beans undergo a short and light roasting to achieve a roundness on the palate and bring characteristic cereal and toasted notes, the Bourbon beans are roasted longer and darker for a distinctive sweet and mild aromatic flavor.

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