Lavazza LB 2317

Introducing Lavazza’s latest innovation, the Lavazza LB 2317. Not only can you taste the difference, but also touch the difference with the state of the art machine. This model elegantly fits any space whether its a restaurant, breakfast bar or conference room. Designed to give you an intense experience with its ease of use, silent operation and perfect flavor of coffee. We are happy to offer this new product to you with the peace of mind that we can also care for all maintenance of this machine.

Some of it’s features include:

  • Two boilers
  • 4 Litre water capacity
  • Mobile coffee spout
  • Large capacity drawers for both the capsule collection and waste water drainage
  • Adjustable height for cups of different sizes
  • Alert for automatic washing cycles
  • Easily removable and washable foam dispensing unit for milk
  • One-touch recipe selector
  • Interactive panel to manage fixed recipe, doses and data settings
  • Smart USB for data download and control


  • 280 mm L
  • 380 mm D
  • 480 mm H


  • 8 kg


As with other Lavazza Blue products. This machine uses the Lavazza BLUE™ espresso capsules which are available in single and double dose. With each individual capsule sealed from air, you are guaranteed freshness and consistent taste in every cup.

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