Flavia Morning Roast (20 packs)


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Start your day off right with this select blend of beans, lightly roasted for a smooth bodied, refreshing flavor!

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This is a perfect “pick me up” coffee to get you moving in the morning. This blend of aromatic coffees from the Americas provides a perfect backdrop for the snappy Kenyan accent bean that gives this coffee its fresh taste.

More than 30% of the coffee in our Morning Roast originates from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms.

Here are some great drink ideas that you can make with the ALTERRA COFFEE ROASTERS Morning Roast coffee:

  • A delicious Morning Roast Cappuccino (Add Real Milk Froth Powder to make your cappuccino)
  • Premium DOVE® Mocha (Add DOVE® Hot Chocolate to make your mocha)


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