Recycling Program

Planet Coffee believes that we all have a responsibility to reduce, recycle, re-use and recover the waste that we generate. We want to lead our industry to be better!

Industry Leader in Reducing Environmental Impact

Single Cup Coffee (Keurig, Flavia, Tassimo) is the fastest growing segment in the Office Coffee Service (OCS) industry over the last 20 years. There is no doubt that through its evolution, we have enjoyed the ease of use, selections and quality of the product these systems offer. However, just like any other new technologies, the single-serve coffee machine system has presented a big problem – the amount of waste they create. Our customers had big concerns about the waste, and rightly so. As a result, Planet Coffee Calgary designed and continues to refine an innovative recycling program that meets and exceeds the expectations of our customers.

Planet Coffee is the leader in Single Cup Recycling in Alberta. We incorporate the R’s of Recycling, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover. The recycling programs has put Planet Coffee and our customers a step ahead, becoming good stewards for our City and our Environment.

Reduce: The amount of Single Cup packaging going into the landfill.

Reuse: Cardboard and other products are used to re-package goods.

Recycle: Cans, bottles, cardboards and other recyclables.

Recover: Complex waste as Thermal Energy through the WTE (Waste to Energy) process.

By using the R’s of Recycling, your company will have a ZERO WASTE SINGLE CUP COFFEE SYSTEM!


Planet Coffee’s Sustainability Program

Planet Coffee designed a recycling program which supplies all Single Cup customers with recycling bins to collect used single cup packaging at no extra charge. We’ve had amazing results; Planet Coffee and its customers have diverted single cup coffee waste going to the landfill by over 323,500 pounds since 2007, with almost 100% participation from our single cup customers in the Calgary area. We have expanded this program to our affiliates in Edmonton and Red Deer. Planet Coffee has also joined forces with a local EMERALD AWARD WINNING company that uses the waste we collect and convert it into thermal energy (WTE) for their facilities energy requirements. This is forcing change within the OCS industry.

At Planet Coffee, we see ourselves as partners with our clients in being good stewards for our environment. We are thankful for all who participate and are encouraged by their support.


Fast Facts

The Thermal Energy (WTE) process has been recognized by an Environmental Innovations Award Committee.

Our processes at Planet Coffee have diverted hundreds of thousands of pounds of Single Cup waste from our landfills.

Through the Thermal Energy process, we create negative carbon emissions.

Waste to Energy is a safe and clean process.

Our WTE plan is ISO 14001 Certified. This means that it is internationally recognized as an Environmentally Safe Operation by an International Environmental Management System.

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