Bean to Cup

‘Bean-to-Cup’ brewing systems are making big waves in the modern coffee landscape. These brewing machines can do everything from grinding the roasted beans, adding frothy milk, as well as offering Cappuccinos and Lattes. The result is coffee that is convenient, flavourful and has the lowest cost per serving of any of the other single serving systems available on the market.

Eccellenza Touch BrewerVKI Eccellenza Touch Brewer – The Eccellenza Touch offers users the ability to brew various cup sizes of today’s most popular hot beverages.  The first of its kind,  the revolutionary new brewer in the Eccellenza Touch alleviates mess and clean up, while ensuring the convenience, consistent taste and quality for which VKI’s single cup brewing systems are renowned. VKI was founded in 1947 by Alan King, and the enterprise started its business in Montreal by distributing vending equipment and developing their own coffee equipment.

The Eccellenza Touch is equipped with a high-definition, user-friendly 10.1″ touchscreen that simplifies the beverage selection process. It offers a wide variety of specialty beverages, as well as the freshest cup of coffee possible – in three cup sizes and three brewing strengths. The Eccellenza Touch offers something for even the most sophisticated coffee drinkers.

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