Let us tell you a little bit about our company.

why planet coffee roasters excel in service Planet Coffee is a leading full-service provider of office coffee to Calgary, Edmonton, and Red Deer. We are committed to providing the highest-quality coffee services, a huge selection of teas and beverages, and most innovative brewing technologies, so that you can rely on us to create the ultimate break room experience for your office. We have 5 big reasons why you should choose us.

Company History

Planet Coffee Company is locally owned and operated. Planet Coffee started offering coffee brewing services in 1984. We grew out of a local roasting facility and expanded into an office coffee service (OCS) in 2007, bringing our finest coffees, outstanding service and fair pricing to the offices of Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer. In addition, our staff has extensive experience in the OCS industry, so you can fully rely on our knowledge and expertise!

keurig authorized dealer We are an authorized Keurig distributor, and this allows us to offer an extensive selection of quality coffees, tasty teas, indulgent beverages, and even brewers to choose from a multitude of brands and sizes. In fact, we have some great news to share: Keurig is officially rolling out our new, recyclable K-Cup® pods in Canada. The first varieties are starting to hit the shelves now, and all Keurig-produced K-Cup® pods in Canada will be recyclable by the end of 2018!

Moreover, we have the highest level of expertise and knowledge in the business coffee industry. If we were to add up the years of experience among all of our employees, it would equal 80 years. And when it comes to coffee experience, it would be 240 years!

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Our Products and Services

We have seen the technology and equipment in coffee evolve over the last 25 years. We’ve seen companies and people come and go; seen the good and the bad within the industry and at Planet Coffee we know what works. Every company is unique with their own specific needs for coffee in the office. We listen, we adapt and we react to those needs. At Planet Coffee, our first priority is to provide great service to our customers with the best products possible, timeliest deliveries and the most comprehensive methods – Always.

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Our Mission

We believe coffee service should be easy!

Let Planet Coffee show you that you’ve made the right choice for your coffee provider!


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Proud Members of:

Recycling Council of Alberta

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