Making Next Day Coffee Delivery


We discussed the modern-day milkman who delivers products and services right to your office door in our previous blog, but let’s now address how fast our office coffee delivery service is. We are very keenly aware of how our customers would like their office coffee and tea delivered as soon as they order. Hence, the idea of next-day delivery has long been built into our service offering. It is our commitment to the customers.

Next Day Coffee Delivery Service

next day delivery coffeeWe at Planet Coffee are serious about putting our customers first. We respond to their needs immediately so we can ensure delivery on the next business day. You might think it is something that is commonly practiced in the service industry, but not many local coffee service providers can do this. Think about it: Can you get next day delivery even from Amazon? Unless you pay for the Prime membership and live close to the warehouse.

Moreover, we even respond to unique requests such as new coffee beans or other new products they haven’t tried. We hope you can appreciate that we are willing to go that far in order to satisfy our customers 100%!

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